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Prime Minister's Export Award


Thailand Energy Award 2010

Outstanding Labor Protection
and Welfare Award 2010





World Class Refractory Manufacturer

The Siam Refractory Industry Co., Ltd. is a company in the Cement Business of The Siam Cement Group (SCG), Thailand's largest and most advanced industrial conglomerate with five leading strategic units; SCG Cement, SCG Chemical, SCG Paper, SCG Building Material and SCG Distribution.

Having been originated in 1953 as the first refractory plant in Thailand by SCG support the Group's internal requirements, today, Siam Refractory is the largest refractory manufacturer in South East Asia and the only refractory producer being awarded the Deming Application Prize. The Company delivers refractory products and services to wide range of industries including, Cement Industry, Iron and Steel Industry, Glass Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Ceramic Industry, Aluminium Industry, Boilers, Lead Industry, Tin Industry, and other Pyro Industries.

Vision and Philosophy:
As part of SCG, Siam Refractory has continuously and faithfully upheld the Group's 4 guiding principles in doing business:
Adherence to Fairness
Belief in the Value of the Individual
Concern for Social Responsibility
Dedication to Excellence

“Siam Refractory promotes the friendly working environment of “Open and Challenge”. It is that both management team and employees are encouraged to be opened for new ideas and promoting innovative working habits, at the same time, challenging ourselves to stretch our goals and achieving them professionally.”

Siam Refractory's energy, commitment and passion are guided by our Vision:
"We will together instill the beliefs in SRIC focus "SRICPOWER" and execute them with conviction under strong teamwork spirit and learning environment in order to offer the best values in terms of products and services to delight our customers.
In doing so, we will become the leading world class refractory company which can sustain satisfactory business growth and profitability."


S : Speed and Sense of Urgency
R : Respect and Reliability
I : Initiation and Innovation
C : Customer Delight
P : Pro-activeness and Professional
O : Open-mindedness
W : World Class
E : Entrepreneurship
R : Relationship

World Class Quality via Total Quality Management:

Siam Refractory conducts business in accordance with the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) which requires teamwork and total commitment from every staff member. Awareness of Quality is embedded in all organizational processes of Siam Refractory, starting from identifying customers’ needs and material selection to prompt delivery of quality products, and employees at all levels are trained and empowered to actively participate in continuous quality improvement to ensure that products and services under “SRIC” brand consistently exceed customer requirements.

This commitment has won Siam Refractory the Deming Application Prize from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). This prestigious award is given to organizations that have achieved distinctive performance improvement through the application of TQM.


- The only refractory producer being awarded the Deming Application Prize from
   the union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) for having achieved
   distinctive performance improvements through the application of TQM

  - ISO 9001 : 2000, Quality Management System
2000   - ISO/IEC 17025 : Laboratory Accreditation
1995   - Prime Minister Award : Outstanding Quality Management
1994   - ISO 9002 : 1987, Quality Management System

Safety / Environment:


- Sustainable Drugs Free Workplace Award


- Outstanding Labor Protection and Welfare Award

2005 - 2007 

- The National Safety Award : Outstanding Safety Performance
1998  - ISO 14001 : Environmental Management System
1996  - The National Safety Award : Outstanding Safety Performance

Other :
2010  - Thailand Energy Award
2007  - Prime Minister’s Export Award : Thai – Owned Brand Category
2002  - Award of Achievement on Labour Relations and Welfare
2006  - Thailand Energy Award
2002  - OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health & Safty
  - TIS 18001, Occupational Health & Safety

ISO 9000 : 2000,
Quality Management System in 2003
ISO 14001,
in 1998
OHSAS 18001 and TIS 18001
Occupational Health & Safety
in 2002
ISO / IEC 17025,
in 2000

Prime Minister Award
Outstanding Quality
The National Safety
Award, Outstanding
Safety Performance
three years in a row
2005 - 2007
Thailand Energy
Award in 2006
Award of Achievement
on Labour Relations
and Welfare
Prime Minister's
Export Award for
Thai - Owned Brand
in 2007

Be your Partner to Deliver Complete Refractory Solutions:

Recognizing that quality refractories are crucial but not sufficient for the realization of customer's full potential as great significance must also be placed on selection of materials to suit specific requirements and proper installation of refractory linings is equally vital, Siam Refractory offers complete refractory solutions which comprise of not only broad spectrum of refractories that matches international standards but also professional services performed by highly competent and motivated team of engineers at every single step of refractory work, starting from detailed design of refractory linings right through to supervision of refractory installation.

Planning and detailed drawing of refractory linings.
Supervisory service on selection, proper use and installation of refractory materials.
uality and timely installation

As great emphasis is placed on all aspects of operation, material selection and personnel and knowledge development, complete solutions for wide range of industries including Cement, Iron and Steel, Glass, Petrochemicals, and other Pyro industries are promptly delivered to our global customers. 

Unbending Commitment to Research and Development:

Determined to capture customers’ latent needs and offer them innovative and state of the art products so that they can cope with the harsh environment which they are confronting, Siam Refractory commits to ongoing Research and Development and adopts Attractive Quality Creation (AQC), identifying and realizing customers’ latent needs, and Quality Function Deployment (QFD), translating those needs into functions and product specifications. Our R&D is well-staffed with dynamic and enthusiastic researchers who creatively incorporate their innovativeness into the company’s five decades of refractory expertise, enabling continuous development of cost effective refractory solutions which enable customers to perform better under the increasingly severe environment.

Proudly Risen to become World Class Refractory Manufacturer:

The harmonious blend of the company's vitality and advanced technology has put Siam Refractory at the forefront of the world's refractory industry. Trusting in Siam Refractory's strong sense of partnership and reliability, our over 300 valued customers in more than 60 countries worldwide have selected us as one of the most preferred choices for refractory solution.

These growing trust and acceptance are the true testament to Siam Refractory's strong international presence as one of the world class refractory manufacturers.

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