Complete Solutions & Partnership

Be your Partner to Deliver Complete Refractory Solutions:

Recognizing that quality refractories are crucial but not sufficient for the realization of customer's full potential as great significance must also be placed on selection of materials to suit specific requirements and proper installation of refractory linings is equally vital, Siam Refractory offers complete refractory solutions, which comprise not only broad spectrum of refractories that matches international standards but also professional services performed by highly competent and motivated team of engineers at every single step of refractory work, starting from detailed design of refractory linings right through to supervision of refractory installation.

  • Planning and detailed drawing of refractory linings.
  • Supervisory service on selection, proper use and installation of refractory materials.
  • Quality and timely installation.
  • Providing valuable on-site trainings and seminars.
  • Other technical service activities such as rotary kiln shell ovality testing.

As great emphasis is placed on all aspects of operation, material selection and personnel and knowledge development, complete solutions for wide range of industries including Cement, Iron and Steel, Glass, Petrochemicals, and other Pyro industries are promptly delivered to our global customers

Should you need more information regarding our products and services, please contact us. We shall be pleased to assist you in every way we can.